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Dear bassoonists,

for the past 29 years I have been offering my customers professional and high-quality reeds for bassoon und contrabassoon, suitable for beginners, advanced players, students, professional bassoonists and soloists. The facon Rieger No 2 is my standard type.

Johann Rieger and me published a new book in April 2017 which is a useful guide for every ambitious amateur, professional player or teacher:
"Tips + tricks for bassoon reeds" (ISBN 9783000563799) , which shows 44 illustrative photographs and 15 graphics which help to understand how to set up and maintain bassoon reeds as well as the use of some easy handles to solve problems with cane and reeds.

Thank you very much for your confidence. I would be most glad to welcome you as one of my customers!

Holger Simon


about me

Holger Simon had his first bassoon lesson at the age of 16. He studied with Eberhard Buschmann (Würzburg), Milan Turkovic (Mozarteum Salzburg), and Alfred Rinderspacher (Mannheim). During his studies he played as a substitute in many different orchestras in Germany and Austria. After engagements with the Theater in Oberhausen and the Philharmonica Hungarica in Marl he moved to Berlin, where he has been a member of the orchestra of the German Opera Berlin since 1991. In 1996 he was awarded the title of "Chamber Musician of Berlin".

In 1994 Holger Simon founded his firm “Simon Bassoonreeds”. He successfully sells his reeds for bassoon and contrabassoon to more than 450 customers worldwide. He did masterclases and workshops not only in teaching the bassoon playing but also in reedmaking in Berlin, Barcelona, Malmö (Musikhögskolan) and London (Guildhall School of Music and Drama).


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bassoon reeds

Contrabassoon reeds are produced with the Facon Rieger K1. The usual path and tube length is 3.5 cm and 3.7 cm respectively.

Standard length bassoon reed : lenght path: 2.8 cm lenght tube: 2.8 cm

Facon Henneberg/Rieger 4

  • graceful air flow
  • especially suitable for soloistic and high register play
14.50 mm 9.75 mm

Facon KOR

  • graceful air flow
  • flexible and vigorous intonation
15.60 mm 10.60 mm

Facon Thunemann

  • graceful air flow
  • vigorous and soloistic intonation
15.60 mm 9.50 mm

Facon 1a Rieger

  • flexible, vigorous and soloistic intonation
15.50 mm 9.00 mm

Facon 2 Rieger

  • suitable for all pitches
  • also orderable as a reed for the fagottino
16.00 mm 9.50 mm

Facon 2a Rieger

  • exceptionally good articulation in low pitches
16.25 mm 10.00 mm

Facon H Simon/Rieger 35

  • flexible orchestra play
  • soft low pitch
  • dark timbre
16.00 mm 9.75 mm

Facon 3 Rieger

  • dark sonority
  • requieres precise air flow while playing
16.50 mm 13.00 mm

price list

  • price per bassoon reed18 €
  • price per contrabassoon reed 30 €
  • additional charge for express delivery five reeds maximal and only in Germany3 €
  • delivery charge in Germany 5 €
  • delivery charge in Europe 6 €

special offer

one package (6 bassoon reeds, delivery included)

113 €100 €

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Sprungschanzenweg 80 H, 14169 Berlin, Germany


+49 (0)30 8149 6601

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If you don’t or can’t make a choice, I’ll send a standard bassoon reed, Facon Rieger 2, with length 5.6 cm and in an average thickness.